Cypress Paneling and Poplar Bark

Kelley and the crew made cypress paneling for the hallway and the small office nook, which, along with the master bathroom and the kitchen, are in the shed addition at the back of the house. The paneling runs horizontally and is an amazing complement to the logs. Kelley took the photos of the paneled walls November 14.

On November 24, Lewis, Braxton, and Aaron started siding the timber frame with the poplar shingles. They had stripped the bark from poplar trees in the spring, and John Boody dried it in his kiln in the early fall. Once the bark was dried, the workers sawed it into shingles. The bark itself is very rough in texture, and some parts are covered with lichens. The rough vertical lines of the bark make an interesting contrast with the very regular horizontal lines of the siding. I think it is perfect with the stone foundation and the log walls.

At the left, the doorway in the log wall leads to the guest bathroom and laundry area. The doorway in the paneled wall nearer the camera leads to a closet, and the third doorway is the main entrance to the house.

I love this shot of what will be my office, which was taken from the dining area near the top of the stairwell. There will be lots of room for books and a great window above my desk. And there will be lots of electrical outlets. Just count 'em.

The crew began to put the poplar bark siding onto the timber frame section of the house on Nov. 24. Here's how it looked after a couple of shingles went on. Other shingles are in the foreground.

Here are the first few shingles, juxtaposed with the limestone at the bottom, the sandstone at the right, and the Tyvek at the top.

Aaron Tammi, Lewis Wright, and Braxton Wood

Once the porch is completed, the crew will continue siding the house with the poplar bark shingles.


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